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How to Buy

Anyone can purchase an image from Pink Ostrich Pictures – public, designers etc.

What Royalty-Free means is that you pay for the image only once and then you can use it as many times as you like, with just a few restrictions. In other words, there are no license fees except the initial fee and no other royalties to be paid except those included in the initial cost. Note that the maximum number of copies for printed materials is 500,000 copies.

The Royalty-Free license is granted ONLY for the non-watermarked image you buy; all the other versions (small watermarked and non-watermarked thumbnails which are visible on the public site) are entirely copyrighted.

Low Resolution

Small Images – Royalty Free
Images under 1mb for unlimited personal use
£10 - £50 per image

High Resolution

Large Images – Royalty Free
Images over 1mb up to 10mb for unlimited use
£30 – £50 per image

Exclusive Use

Time Limited Exclusive use Images
Images over 1mb to be used exclusively for a set period of time £150 – 400 per image

The high-resolution images that you download under the regular Royalty Free (RF) license may be used to make fine art prints, on a web site, in a magazine, newspaper, book or booklet, book cover, flyer, application software (apps) or any other advertising and promotional material, in either printed or electronic images, as long as the item in which the images appears does not contradict any of the restrictions below. The list is not exhaustive and if you have any uncertainty regarding the use of the Images in a correct way please email support using the help form.

This license represents an exclusive right to use the downloaded images, but such exclusivity will only last for a limited period of time. The buyer can use the images exclusively (exclusivity applies from the moment that the file was downloaded using this license) during the time period selected, and include it in any type of design with just a few restrictions: sensitive subjects may still apply and the buyer may not claim that the file was created by him nor resell it as his work [photo/Images].

Pink Ostrich Pictures will disable the image after the buyer acquired this license. The Contributor will be required to disable the file permanently from all other places where he or she may sell it, as soon as possible after the sale occurred, but no longer than 72 hours. The Contributor acknowledges and agrees to provide the buyer with the exclusive right to use the file retrieved using the license, for the duration of the selected exclusivity period.

The length of time for the exclusivity period is one year for each purchase. We will grant an exclusive right to use the images for one year. The print run for this license is unlimited and continues after the exclusivity expired. At the end of the exclusivity period, the buyer's license will continue as before, with all of the same rights, except for the right of exclusivity, and the image will again be added to the available library of images on Pink Ostrich Pictures and again be made available to all users for purchase. After the end of the exclusivity period, the Contributor will also be free to offer the image for download from other places where the Contributor sells his or her images.

How to Sell

NON PROFESSIONAL Photographers are invited to contact us if they want to use the website to sell their images. Please email us at: images@pink-ostrich.com

We will discuss your images, subscription fee, percentage commission and how you want to sell your images as well as our limitations.

We do not allow photographers to upload their own images to our site as we want to keep this site unique, personal and boutique.

We are not aimed at professional photographers who have their own platforms to sell their images, we want to provide a platform for those who love photography as a hobby!


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